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    Menno MEELDIJK
    Advocaat - Avocat - Attorney

Specialized in debt collection

Menno meeldijk is a member of the Brussels Bar and focuses on civil litigation, especially commercial debt collection and Judgment enforcement matters.

More than 25 years of experience with debt collecting proceedings in Belgium key to successful debt recovery.

debt collection

Commercial Litigation

Your company delivered goods to a Belgian buyer, who now refuses to pay, alleging that the goods were not in conformity with the contract and claims for a compensation even higher than the value of the goods. Your lawyer will assess whether the complaints should be taken seriously, or are just excuses for not paying.

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Insolvency and bankruptcy law

Insolvency legislations determines the rights and obligations of companies facing severe financial difficulties. As the proceedings of temporary ‘judicial administration’ focus on the survival of the company and the employment rather than on the creditors’ rights, your financial interests can be jeopardised. 

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Battle against fraud

The main threat to international traders is fraud from organised crime, including theft of your goods or your business identity, cross-border crime and road-freight crime. Fraudulent companies order huge quantities of goods without any intention of paying. Your lawyer can investigate fraud cases and file a complaint with the investigating magistrate.   

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