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    Menno MEELDIJK
    Advocaat - Avocat - Attorney

All business will inevitably bring conflicts.

Your company sold goods, but now suddenly faces a client who refuses to pay the invoice for alleged non-conformity of delivery, and is claiming for damages.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the complaints are real, or are merely pretexts to defer the payment.

All sectors are eligible for disputes, whether it is construction business, transportation, marketing services, ICT, agriculture etc.

Seeking the advice of an attorney with experience in technical and commercial litigation in due time is critical.

Our office will advise you what steps you need to take when you want to secure your position and will make an assessment of your chances of success in court proceedings.

Technical discussions between the parties may lead to the appointment of a court expert, such as an engineer or an architect who will draw up a survey report on a technical level.

A thorough knowledge of the legal expertise and a strong technical knowledge ensure that our firm can assist you in word and deed.

In any contested case we strive to achieve in the first place to an amicable solution with the counterparty.

However, if a settlement is not possible, you can count on 100% commitment to bring your case before the court to a successful conclusion.

Menno Meeldijk has years of experience in proceedings before the court and specializes in commercial litigation.

A thorough knowledge of (international) trade law and judicial procedures are essential for success in court in this kind of dispute.