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    Menno MEELDIJK
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Globalisation has also increased the problem of fraud in international trade in recent years.

Fraudulent debtors order goods for large amounts from foreign suppliers, without the intention of ever paying for the goods.

Sometimes they are swindled by international gangs, but also local "businessmen" set up companies that order large quantities of goods in a short period of time from multiple suppliers, often from all over the world.

After some time the company disappears without a trace together with the delivered goods and the managers!

Another form of fraud that causes serious damage to the economy is bankruptcy fraud.

Fraudsters take over a company, make alle the assets disappear and then let the company go bankrupt.

An experienced debt-collection lawyer knows the right methods to track down the fraudsters and to call in the justice system to track down the perpetrators.

Especially when it comes to larger fraud cases, it is advisable to file an official complaint in the hands of the investigating judge.

The advantage of such a complaint is that a judicial investigation is immediately opened against the suspected perpetrators, so that specialised police services are deployed for the case.

The perpetrators of fraud are held personally liable before the court and ordered to compensate the creditors for the damage they have caused, no longer taking into account the fake company they set up.