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    Menno MEELDIJK
    Advocaat - Avocat - Attorney

Menno Meeldijk studied International - and European law at the University of Brussels - VUB.

He graduated with honors in 1990 as Master of Law and has since been member the Dutch-speaking Bar of Brussels.

The Dutch Bar Association of the Bar of Brussels groups the Dutch-speaking lawyers in the judicial district of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde and is the largest Dutch bar association in the country, larger than any Flemish Bar Society.

As the capital of the European institutions, Brussels is an international city and most lawyer of the Brussels Bar are very internationally oriented.

Menno Meeldijk has its own office since 1998, where he has focused on legal services for businessess, commercial law and debt collection.

His office is located in Zemst, centrally located in the metropolitan area between Antwerp and Brussels.

This central location in Belgium allows the office to treat legal proceedings before all courts of the country.

Through years of experience Menno Meeldijk has built an extensive expertise when it comes to commercial disputes, including disputes over invoices, commercial contracts, lease, sales of goods, construction disputes and transport law.

Debt collection - including international claims - is one of the main activities of the office.

These cases require a specialized approach, and different kinds of actions can be taken:

  •          sending dunning letters and starting extrajudicial action
  •          seizures on goods, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, etc.
  •          legal proceedings against the debtor before the court
  •          applying for a European payment order
  •          enforcement of foreign judgments in Belgium

Clear information, financial transparency and speedy service are the principles of the office.

As a client, you can count on comprehensive advice, not written in legalese, but nevertheless thoroughly sustained by legal arguments.