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    Menno MEELDIJK
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Belgium scores badly in terms of payment in arrears and is doing worse than the average in Western Europe.

A recent study showed that 42% of the total value of Belgian B2B invoices is still open after due date.

Suppliers suffer from the poor payment behaviour of their customers and especially for small and medium enterprises it often leads to financial problems.

The average indebtedness of private houdeholds increased in recent years and the records the National Bank of Belgium are showing an increase in the number of unpaid loans every year.

The creditor often has the feeling of standing helpless against the defaulter: calling again and again and sending emails has no effect and the debtor does not respond to registered letters.

Calling in a specialized debt collection lawyer is the best solution. A debtor who played 'hide and seek' for months suddenly pays when the debt collection lawyer announces legal proceeding.

A fair percentage of cases can be successfully completed without a procedure before the court.

If legal action turns out to be necessary, the collection attorney, specialized in collection proceedings and seizure law, knows as no one else  what legal means should be used in forcing the debtor to pay.