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    Menno MEELDIJK
    Advocaat - Avocat - Attorney

Belgium scores poorly in terms of the average payment term of invoices and is doing worse than the average in Western Europe.

As a result of the corona-crisis, the situation has worsened significantly.

Non-paying customers are one of the main causes of corporate bankruptcies, especially SMEs.

Especially in uncertain times, it is advisable to call in a specialist as soon as possible when your company has to deal with persistent non-payers.

In many cases the problem can be solved with a single letter from our office, but you may also have to deal with a rogue debtor or a company in serious financial difficulties.

Only a debt-collection lawyer has the necessary resources to immediately analyse the situation and initiate the appropriate procedures so that your claim can still be collected.

Many creditors send reminders each time and continue to wait and see, only to find out after a few months that the debtor is on the brink of collapse and the case is lost.

Avoid this scenario and contact my office in due time if your debtor does not pay and you suspect that something is not right.

Menno Meeldijk has years of experience in debt collection.

The office stands for:

- direct and resolute approach
- clear explanation and full transparency
- favourable rates and clear price agreements, without surprises
- collaboration with a network of dynamic bailiffs

In addition to collection procedures in Belgium, the office also regularly handles European recovery procedures via European Payment Order in the other EU countries such as France and Luxembourg.